Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 2 Baby Lah!

Yep St. Patties day number 2. Love this creature. She is such a girl and does strange and wonderouse things. It sure has been an adventure. Thanks for keeping me on my toes angel (*_*)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life in the fast!

Yeah, not really.
Updates on us....Aliya is such a girl. She loves to dress up, talk on her pretend cell phone and play doll house with mommy and brothers.
Dylan is getting better at enjoying school, maybe. His grandparents got the boys a Wii for xmas and we like to make Mii's and play the party games together.
Briggs is HUGE! keeps getting taller. I think the last time "he" measured he was 5'2'. Witch sucks cause I'm shrinking and he is 2' away from me. He likes school better this year. He still has "catching up" to do from the past 8 yrs of brain crazy....or subaracnoid cyst blah blah blah....he is feeling "tonz better and totally different" since his surgery. No more seeing all blue, memory loss, learning issues, constant headaches and dizziness, really bad mood swings, fainting or seizures. He had his fallow up MRI last October..."it's stable" was so hard going back, its funny how you are equipped to handle great stress and trauma and push it away somewhere....until you go back and it all comes rushing back 10 fold. Trying not to ball and hyperventilate from a rush of emotion we did it together. I think Briggs was just as flipped out "I just don't want him to tell me I have to get surgery again" He is so brave and inspires me everyday. We go back this October for another MRI. If it is still "stable" we will go back in 2 years for another MRI, and every 2 yrs for the rest of his life.
Scott, yep still the do everything guy. I forget all the stuff he takes on so I'll try to update with the correct titles best I can. Still detective 5 days a week for south jordan (sex crimes) He is a deputized Marshall or JCAT. Its a government agency that goes out and arrests people for warrants, drugs, abuse, chasing cop killers etc. The Utah JCAT is in the top 5 in the nation for the most arrests and closing cases. So they gave 1 person in every department a new Dodge nitro suv. His Sargent is also on JCAT , he could have kept it for himself but gave it to Scott. So he does that 2 a month ,scheduled, after he works at South Jordan and is also on call. He is on the union committee for South Jordan. He teaches detective classes on how to interview suspects properly, to make them confess quickly.....cause he is a pro;) He is on C.A.RT. its the Amber alert and child abuse thingy. He teaches a gun permit class ,sometimes once a month,....right to bare arms...for a friend/south jordan cop that started this business. He still works the district movies theaters on the weekends. He will do odd jobs here and there for security and for all the otheer agencies he affiliated with. He is moving up fast and has good recognition for all the cases he closes and arrests he has. We hope good things for him in the near future.
Me :) Not much new. Humira shots doing ok. I started physical therapy in January Im not able to go as much as I would like or P.T. would like but I love it. She is the only female p.t. for miles. She is doing hydrotherapy with me. I go to the Lehi legacy center, down the street from my home, and do pool exercises for 30-40 min. Its a little painful after but it's gotten better the more I go. I started walking with a ,good, and very old friend of mine in Jan too. We walk inside the legacy center about 3 times a week.(it's only .50) My rheumatologist doesn't like that at all. He asked me not to ,cause its a weight baring exercise & when I feel pain I shouldn't do it, do you think I listen....naaaah! It feels good to take control of something I was letting control me. Or even define me.
As you all know I love my beads. I have expanded the banana bead buiz. The infamous stretchy watches. After much frustration and months of surfing the web and boutique shopping I have an inventory! Woot woot! I'm really excited about this. I like doing new things it inspires and motivates me. I would like to go big with it but I'm mustering ideas.....always up for parties, you come make your own, etcy? eh?, ebay, boutiques. My first venture is this Thursday night shoe party/ my beads.....come and visit or wish me luck!(my house 6:30-8) I'm makin' bean dip;)
I am working on updating pics and will get some watch pics up too.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shout out!

There are no words for this womens endless talents.........check out the one she is sharing.
I love you ferfer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple math....

LOL! Me of all people....simple's almost swearing!
I have recently had a ahah moment. 2 weeks ago the excuses ran out. All the common ones; It hurts worse after I work out than if I don't, I'll eat better tomorrow, I deserve this cause I worked out, I'm too tired, I'll start Monday (that ones my fav) but I'm lonely, depressed, sad, or not complete without this Mcds value meal or candy bar. There are so many more but I can only say this coming from a very stubborn thought will only make it worse!
Decide now; change a little here and there or use those sabotage mantras those commercials have taught us. Then in 2-5 years you'll 'wake up' look in the mirror and realize you've packed on more than the proverbial 10 lbs. That 10 is easier to maintain or loose than over 10.
So I guess my point is....simple math! Now don't start with...I don't have time....just brush that thought aside. You don't have time to help your body live longer, more healthy? You have scheduled oil appointments and yearly doc's exams. You have time to feed your kids healthy. All the calories you put in your mouth should be considered, if not accounted for and planned. Why? Good question. Why not? Why can't you over come those debilitating food mantras and habits? I'm not preaching! I'm the last person to do that. I'm simply letting you inside my mind.
Small steps; get up and move 3 x a day for 10 min a day. Try that for the first week, add another 10 min a day your next week.Think; less tired, feeling full, less pain in your body from harsh chemicals and fake sugars (they attack and eat @ the healthy living things in your body) you can't get them back! SMALL STEPS I SAID! Drink 1 less soda a day or start giving yourself 200 cal a day of anything you love. Yes I know I said the F word. Do you really believe you can't be full? I think we just get into bad habits and tell ourselves that or I could go off on a different tangent about the conspiracy from the food industry to feed us fake everything and empty calories so our bodies don't know any different, but I won't ;)
I'll sum up my rant; I have a new plan for me. I have started counting calories and being accountable for the power over my health. I love this site! It tells you about every calorie! It also tells you what you how long you would have to work out to work it off! Don't get crazy on me...maybe you don't have time...make it simple. How much do you feel would be a manageable weight for you? For instance my goal,manageable, weight is 145 so I should consume @ 1450 cals a day give or take. (to loose the weight!) But this is the math part, especially if you have health probs like; hereditary high chol, diabetes, autoimmune deceases etc. The moving part is key to all of this. Take the stairs, park farther away from the door, ride your bike to your next destination, jump on a tramp, play hide & seek, pick a friend for walking time. If you have kids-include them- ask your husband to watch them, switch with a friend. I'm telling you there is an answer for every excuse that is running through your mind! (ask your doctor or dietitian for your personal weight loss goals!)

Things I'm working on; I love too. Look up 100 cal snacks. (Not the snack packs..not all the time...fruits, vegis, fiber, protein etc.)
You know those plastic picnic plates; 1/4 c lean protein-1/4 c of healthy starch (i have a list) and 1/2 c vegis. Just like the plate!
Don't forget the fiber this is the only F word that leads to the other F word' FULL!! Also 1 serving of healthy mono-fats & 1 serving of omega-3 (poly-fats)
TRY; to avoid hyd oils, dyes, chemicals, fake sugars & wash the pesticides of your fruits & vegis!
snack-100 cal desert or sweets
There are so many recourse's. Look up recipes, ideas, support, success stories call a friend!
Don't give up!
Go, fight, win!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Imposing vacation?!

Hello Utah friends! Long time no talk.
This post is for an imposing vacation. For 1 mommy & 3 kids. Just needing to get away for a day or two. Nothing special. Just a room & an occasional potty break. We will even bring our own food. We haven't had a chance to get away from it all in a long long time. Daddies always at work so I thought a super mini-vaca! As soon as today!
If you'll think I'm crazy; I agree! Thanks for listening!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Sunday

A random funny story. Yesterday we where running late to church as usual. Surprisingly I got dressed quickly with out the drama of I'm too fat for my clothes...bla...bla...bla. My poor black heals are a little old. The sole has been coming off for a while. So naturally I grabbed the super glue....all of you that are thinking you know this doesn't work...shut up. Yes , the voice was present and said don't put your foot in it for a minute cause that would super suck if it sticks to my foot. So I already stated we where running late (Scott had to cover the library) I put the shoe on.......
So I guess a picture would tell the story. I thought about it.
I walked around church with my small heeled sandal not fixed flopping half off the shoe ....yes stuck to my heel. I get home and attempt to soak the shoe off in the tub. No luck. Too tired & frustrated and absolutely ticked off I have to walk around another second in 1 inch heels. I sat down to think of how to get it off. Ahah! I cut the straps off my toes then cut around the stuck sole. LOL.....sad I know. I had the peace of sole stuck to my foot until 2 today.

Monday, May 4, 2009

fam pics

I decided at the last minute to take a trip to thanksgiving point to take some mo's day pics. I have a new found respect for prof photogs (amy) Holy smokes! Every single time we tried to get all 3 kids together Aliya freaked and started crying. Ahrg!! So here are some samples of what we where able to get. Scott took over and decided he is the professional!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Same ol'

Nothing new same ol' same ol'. Schools almost out. Mixed feelings of course. I hate waking up to an alarm, but I sure am sick of listening to the boys argue and fight. So we will have o think of new and crazy things so the boys don't kill eachother.

Scott is being naughty taking on more at work. Back on S.W.A.T. He also has a couple of other things lined up. My little over acheiver!

Shot update; I won't start felling full effects for another 2-6 months. Yes frustrating! I'm still trying to stay positive. I wish I could hear there was a cure one day. I'm so sick of hearing that from the perscription I need a reality check.. Oh geese..thanks! Good news...Ive injected the last 2 shots myself! Crazy I know...especcially for me.

Aliya is cruzin! She loves walking...outside mostly! She loves walks on the path and feeding the ducks. Scott was doing security work at a horse race and she loved watching the horses run super fast. She loves to say "is at is at" (is that) She loves to dance and sing just like her mamma. That new black eyed peas song "boom boom pow" she dances and says boo boo shaking her head up an down wiggling her bum. Too funny!

Yeah we are a little freaked about the swine flu thing. Yes maybe a little over reacting too. To make a long story short the shot I take lowers my immune sytem. I'm not able to fight off infections. Esspecially the flu. So I'm trying to exersice some faith...pray for me that I can.